Celebrate Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2023

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Global Accessibility Awareness Day is May 18th, 2023. Join us in celebrating it by learning about and improving access.

Learn About the ADA

1. Watch a webinar on access and the ADA and encourage your staff to do the same.

You can find upcoming webinars from the ADA National Network Website at adata.org

Learn About Digital Access

2. Learn how to make your social media campaign accessible.

The Social Media Accessibility Toolkit will give you the tools you need to make sure your social media is accessible to your fans and followers.

3. Learn to create accessible documents and PowerPoint presentations.

The Creating Accessible Documents Toolkit will provide you with the basic techniques for making sure documents and presentations are accessible.

4. Share resources on digital access with all those who have a part in creating websites for your organization.

This is a great video to share. Introduction to Web Accessibility and W3C Standards (YouTube) explains the basics of ensuring websites are accessible.

Learn About the Disability Rights Movement

5. Watch Crip Camp on Netflix and schedule a virtual discussion about it with your staff.

Crip Camp explores the universal experience of summer camp awakenings that would transform lives and shape the future of the disability rights movement.

Challenge Your Organization’s Perception of Disability

6. Host a virtual lunch and learn using one of these excellent TedTalks and follow it up with a discussion.

The talks by Stella Young (I’m not your inspiration, thank you very much) and Maysoon Zayid (I have 99 problems…and palsy is only one) are great ones to start with.

Communicate Your Commitment to Access

7. Add a statement to your website that communicates your organization’s commitment to creating an accessible website.

Example: We are committed to creating an accessible website. If you encounter any barriers that result from the design of this site, please do not hesitate to contact us at [email].

8. Make sure that your event announcements have information about accessibility.

Example: [Our organization] values the inclusion of people with disabilities in our programs and activities. If you are a person with a disability and anticipate barriers to your full participation in this event, please contact [name, sponsoring organization] at [phone and email]. Please notify the us by [date] to request a sign language interpreter at the event.

9. Put a statement on your brochures and printed materials explaining how to obtain an accessible digital format.

Example: This document is available in alternative formats upon request by contacting [name, campus department] at [phone number and email]. An electronic version is available online: (Website address here).

Raise Awareness About Inclusion and Access

10. Order posters that promote access and inclusion.

Choose posters that are most fitting for your organizations from one of these pages: