LinkedIn and Accessibility

Adding Alt Text to Images

LinkedIn makes adding alt text to images very simple and intuitive. When you add a photo, the Add Alt Text link appears. There is no need to change any settings. It’s simple and intuitive!

Edit your photo window with cursor hovering over add alt text

Once you select Add Alt Text, you see a box where you can add your Alternative Text and it gives a nice explanation as well. “By adding alternative text that describes the content of your photo, you are making your image more accessible.” There’s also a nice explanation of what to type there. It reads, “Text describing what’s in the photo.”
Screenshot of edit your photo window with text area to type alt text

Video Accessibility

You can add captions to videos you upload to LinkedIn by uploading a caption file (.srt file) that you create outside of LinkedIn. See Additional Resources for assistance with this.

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This tutorial has been developed through a cooperative agreement with Arkansas iCAN through a project focused on Increasing Digital Access in Arkansas.