Social Media Accessibility Toolkit

Whether you are using social media for personal use or as a business, you can be a part of making social media environments more accessible. If social media is a part of your marketing strategy, you increase can your audience and send a positive message about your values when you take the time to make sure the images, videos and other content you share are accessible. We want to support individuals and organizations to create a more accessible world.

An iPhone with Facebook, Instagram and Twitter icons in a folder labeled social mediaIn the U.S., recent court decisions and guidance from the Department of Justice have made it clear that the Americans with Disabilities Act does indeed cover websites. Since many organizations utilize social media as a primary method of communicating on the Internet, it stands to reason that the expectations of accessibility would extend to this environment. This toolkit will give you the tools you need to make sure your social media is accessible to your fans and followers.

Currently, the focus of this tutorial is on the desktop applications. As possible, we will add information about accessibility using mobile apps.

To get started, select one of the topics below:

Since social media applications change rapidly, we will try to alter this content as changes occur. If you notice misalignment with any of the information and your experience, please let us know. We welcome your feedback!

We are also available to provide technical assistance and training to Arkansas organizations. Reach out to Melanie Thornton at

This tutorial has been developed through a cooperative agreement with Arkansas iCAN through a project focused on Increasing Digital Access in Arkansas.