Tip Sheets

These handouts and tip sheets are provided complimentary of University of Arkansas – Partners for Inclusive Community. We encourage you to use them freely. Please make sure the acknowledgment information is included.

As you need additional copies, please return here to make sure you are accessing the latest version.

Service Animals: Quick Facts

Thumbnail of Service Animals on Our Campus tipsheet blue background with image of dog in right cornerThis tip sheet provides a simple way for various businesses to inform their employees and visitors how to create a respectful environment for people using service animals. Thanks to the Southwest ADA Center for their support in creating this product.

Service Animals on Campus: Quick Facts (PDF) – For colleges and universities

Service Animals in Our Building: Quick Facts (PDF) – For any organization

Service Animals in Our Shelter: Quick Facts (PDF) – For shelters of any kind

More handouts will be posted soon. Please check back.