Virtually Accessible: What A Pandemic Can Teach Us About Digital Access

Virtually Accessible Presentation Slides (PDF)

What is Digital Accessibility?

Digital accessibility involves the creation of websites, mobile applications and electronic documents that can be easily navigated and understood by a wide range of users.

Relationships Matter.

Reflection Questions: Relationships

  • Who do you have established relationships with to support digital access?
  • Who is missing from your list?
  • What relationships have been key during the past year?

Design Matters.

Reflection Questions: Design

  • What is your campus process for choosing high impact technologies?
  • Do you have a seat at the table for making these decisions?
  • Do course designers design with access in mind?
  • Is universal design promoted on your campus?

Expertise Matters.

Reflection Questions: Expertise

What expertise is missing on your campus and in your office?
Do your job descriptions invite people who have skillsets in creating accessible environments?
Are their ways you could begin to shift the role of your staff to be more proactive and less reactive in terms of providing access?

Culture Matters.

Reflection Questions: Culture

What is your campus culture with regard to digital access?
Is access more often bolted on as something separate? Or integrated into the design?
What would be good next steps to influence the culture on your campus?

Resources Matters.

Reflection Questions: Resources

How well is digital access resourced on your campus?
How is the accommodations budget structured to ensure there is always enough money to cover accommodation costs?


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